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地址:260 Madison Avenue

            8th Floor

            New York, NY 10016

电话:(917) 791-4716







  • 公司设立

  • 公司融资

  • 公司治理

  • 公司并购

  • 商业交易

  • ​商业诉讼

  • 股权诉讼

  • 私募基金

  • 地产基金​

  • ​地产投资

  • 商标申请

  • ​商标交易

  • 商标授权协议

  • ​知识产权授权协议

  • ​知识产权纠纷

  • 员工合同

  • 员工守则

  • 劳动纠纷


“Evermay Group has built a great relationship with Attorney Charles Jin over the course of many years.


Charles demonstrated the utmost professionalism and legal expertise while providing a wide range of services that our company needed for our private placement offering including start to finish counsel (e.g. selecting proper exemptions, structuring offering terms, preparing private placement memo, etc.). His guidance in restructuring our companies has greatly optimized our operations, and further helped us develop excellent client relationship and establish great reputations in the industry.


Charles has been a great adviser to our team. He was able to serve our best interest, proactively identify our needs, and quickly turnaround in every situation. We look forward to working with Charles as our business continues to grow.


We highly recommend Attorney Charles Jin for any business law services you require.” 

—  Owner, Evermay Group





  • H-1B     (工作签证)

  • L-1        (公司驻员签证)

  • B1/B2   (商务/旅游签证)

  • O-1        (杰出人才/学者签证}

  • K-1        (未婚妻/夫签证)

  • COS       (非移民身份转换)

  • EB-1      (杰出人才/学者/高管绿卡)

  • EB-2      (高学历持有者绿卡)

  • EB-3      (专业人员/工人绿卡)

  • EB-5      (投资移民绿卡)

  • PERM    (劳工证)

  • I-485      (身份调整)

  • EAD        (工作许可证)

  • I-130      (家庭移民申请)


“I met Charles in one of his midtown H1b seminars and got quite impressed by his outstanding knowledge and approachable style. When I needed to start my own application, I thought of Charles immediately. Here are something I felt about Charles’ service during my crazy 8-month application with the best support by Charles.


Superb Professionalism. My case was the very first H1b application my company sponsored. Before my HR had zero experience and had no clue what to do. Charles provided both me and my HR clear guidance at each stage. He had demonstrated a high level of professionalism and helped the procedure go very smoothly. Quick Response. I have several friends applied H1b in the same year with me. While I kept hearing complaints from my friends that their attorneys never picked up phone calls nor replied emails, and they seemed to be on vacation forever… Charles had always been very responsive. He usually responded the same day, 48h at most. Any concern I raised was immediately addressed. Believe me when you are under great pressure, a couple of words from the attorney is probably the most you need. Reasonable Price. Before I recommended my company to hire Charles, we had requested several proposals from different attorneys. Some of their prices were almost double Charles’. However when I talked to them over the phone, they seemed not knowing what they were doing…Given the service Charles provided, you won’t get a better deal from anywhere else.

Many thanks to Charles, I got the approval. If you are in the same shoes with me, I would highly recommend Charles!.” 

—  Grace (anonymous)


电话:(646) 916-4498


     地址:260 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016

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